Bileaflet valve – virtual pivots

The figure aside shows a ring with a spark eroded(EDM) virtual pivot proper to accommodate two leaflet in ceramic material having the function of cardiac valve with low hemolysis and high biocompatibility. EDM technology was proved perfectly suitable to the removal of small quantities of titanium with great precision and reproducibility of results. Each ring previously worked on conventional machine for chip removal is mounted in the frames that allow movement along the production layout. The first step of this path consists in the removal of 90% of the material of the virtual pivot using a roughing electrode in graphite and appropriate electrical parameters designed to streamline operations. After a similar operation carried out on the same ring, but on the opposite side to obtain a second pivot, it passes to the finishing step always with EDM, but with different parameters suitable to produce the maximum dimensional accuracy of the two impressions-hinge by providing at the same time finishing an excellent surface for the continuation of the further steps of polishing provided from the layout. At the end are fitted with two wings that rotate on the hinges practically without friction .

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Ita-Sono Francesco e gestisco questo sito con notizie relative alle mie esperienze lavorative. Sono perito industriale in Energia Nucleare. Ho iniziato a lavorare in questo campo di eccellenza scientifica molti anni fa. La polivalenza di questa disciplina scientifica mi ha sempre permesso di affrontare con solide basi tecniche molti problemi nei piĆ¹ diversi settori industriali. Il passaggio dal Nucleare al Biomedicale fu a suo tempo quasi naturale attraverso lo studio e lo sviluppo delle prime batterie nucleari a conversione termoelettrica dell'energia. Questa applicazione era dettata dalle esigenze di lunga durata dell'alimentazione dei primi Pace-maker impiantabili. **eng-My name is Francesco and I manage this site with news related to my work experience. I'm an industrial expert in Nuclear Energy. I started working in this field of scientific excellence many years ago. The versatility of this scientific discipline has always allowed me to deal with solid technical foundations many problems in various industrial sectors. The transition from the Nuclear Biomedical was almost natural to its time through the study and development of the first nuclear batteries in thermoelectric energy conversion. This application was dictated by the needs of long-term supply of the first implantable pacemakers.