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Incoming a pacemaker without batteries
It is powered with heart beat, it will allow to avoid surgical interventions to substitute batteries to improve patients comfort reducing risks
Heart risks also among joung people
16:21 – An innovative pacemaker able to operate without batteries, supplied with the beat of the heart. A step forward in hi-tech that might avoid forever different surgical operations, on average, seven necessary during life to change the batteries. The device was developed by a team of Michigan University and presented at the congress of the American Heart Association.

Lesser recourse to operating table.
This new technology is able to exploit the energy of the pulsations of the organ, arriving to produce ten times the amount of current required.
Amin Karami, is among research authors and explains:”pacemaker batteries are changed every seven year by mean of surgery. But many patients are children and must coexist for long time with these devices. When this new technology will be developed many intervention will be saved”.

Thanks to piezo elechtricity
At the base of the hi-tech pacemaker there are the piezoelectric crystals, capable of generating an electrical charge when subjected to a mechanical deformation. For now, researchers have found that during the test was generated enough energy to power the pacemaker. At now researchers verified that during tests was generated enough energy to power the pacemaker.The next step is to test the device on a true heartand after necessaries trials bring it studies and try out the device on a true heart, and after the clinical trials necessary, bring it onin the market.
Peter Weissberg, medical director of the British Heart Foundation, says: “The technological breakthrough of the last few years has meant that people with pacemakers should replace the battery with a lower frequency. But this news could be another step forward that further lower the need to resort to surgical room”.

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