Curriculum:        Francesco Minoletti

Personal Data

Date and Birthplace: 02.10.1946, Collegno (TO)

Address:  P.zza Bruno Trentin, 4 – 10093 Collegno (TO)

Telephone: Work: + 39 011 4030048

                     Home: + 39 011 4030048

E-mail:                  [email protected]


                                                                                                                       C.F. :                     MNLFNC46R02C860O

Work Experiences

Dates: Jan 2012-present

Company: C.I.D. S.p.a.

Occupation: Technical employee in R&D dept. with the commission to study and develop geometries and processes to obtain a stent with innovative therapeutic target. Nitides Project Leader.

Main activities: Within R&D team and with its support I participated in making technical scouting in forefront laser technologies applying. I looked for national and international collaboration to test performance of such laser in cutting and engraving Nitinol alloy. I was involved in evaluation of different results in term of beam influence on cut edges and their response to extreme mechanical stresses. I coordinated activities of processes tuning relating to Nitinol response to different testing conditions. I provided creative collaboration to the team to reach good fatigue safety results for a new Nitinol stent having deep grooves in a proven pre-existent geometry. I started to support other elements of team to undertake certification path to obtain CE mark from Notified Body.

Jointly with four industrial and academic subjects, I prepared our participation to a next Regional funded call for a Project Proposal that is under evaluation at the present. I reduced my effort in coordinating activities of an ending project and of two other minor ones in their conclusive phases.

Dates: Sep 2009-Dic 2011

Company: C.I.D. S.r.l

Occupation: Technical employee in R&D dept.

Main activities: Management and coordination of activities pertinent to Regional and European funded projects. Main targets of projects: study and development of geometries and technical solutions for an innovative drag eluting stent (Active); Development of a proper biodegradable blended polymeric material suitable to make a bio-absorbable stent and following scouting to development of proper technologies to cut this material in the needed stent geometry (Nanostent). As end-user study, design and construction of an automated micro-factory to cut stent marker, to manage their moving and finally to pick & place them on stent attaching firmly to it.(BioMicrofab)

Dates: Feb 2009 – Jul 2009

Company: C.I.D. S.r.l.(Carbostent & Implantable Devices) a Company with all the background and expertise of research, development and proven clinical experience in the treatment of vascular disease.

Saluggia (VC) 13040.

Occupation: Technical Consulting.

Main activities: I supported production staff to manage validation aspects of part of plants moved from previous location to the new one

Dates: 1st Dec 2005-Oct 2008

Company: NewCorTec S.r.l., spin-off from Tecnobiomedica estabilished in 2005 to industrialize and market a new automatic, pulsatile and fully synchronized Ventricular Assist Device.

Via Vaccareccia 41, 00040, Pomezia (RM)

Occupation: Technical Consulting

Main activities: Development of technical proceedings to start up VAD production in order to support animal trials before and clinical ones lately.

Setup of methods and technical procedures to enable NewCorTec to obtain CE Marking. See patents: ( EP2000159 and EP1889634)

The main activities I have been involved in during my professional experience in Tecnobiomedica/Newcortec are:

• Polymers Solution Handling;

• Manufacturing of Mock systems and in vitro equipment;

• Problem Solving about tissue-device interaction;

• Responsible for blood sacs, cannulae QC;

• In vivo Experiments. I took part in all implants since 2001(about 20 implants), being specifically involved in:

 Before Implants: Components assembly, implant Materials surface preparation

 During Implants: Components assembly;

 After Implants: Technical assistance during Intensive Care

Participation to Explants and Autopsies

Post-Implanted Components analysis

 Dates: 2000-2005

Company: Tecnobiomedica S.p.A., Via Vaccareccia 41, 00040, Pomezia (RM)

Occupation: Technical Consulting

Main activities: Design and Making of Components for in Vitro and in Vivo tests, Technical assistance during In-vivo VAD and TAH Implants (San Piero-PI) . Developing and realization of setups to simulate hydraulic behaviour of blood circulation.

Design and making of production equipment, R&D mechanical mounting. Arrangement of manifold technological processes for R&D.

Dates: 1998-2000

Occupation: Biomedical Individual Consulting

Dates: July 1998- 2000

Company: Gallini S.r.l. Mirandola (MO)

Occupation: Technical Consulting

Main activity: Development of an innovative medical device: a reusable automatic plastic gun to manage biopsy needles

 Dates: 1986-1998

Company: Biomedica Sviluppo S.r.l.

Occupation: Promoter Partner, manager of labs, personnel and scientific conduction. Responsible for commercial choices in concurrence with other partners.

Main activities: R&D about Titanium alloy and ceramic materials interaction, setting up of production proceedings. R&D and assembling of electronic microelements for smart cardiac stimulation electrodes, Manufacturing and production of a simple voice valve for patients treated with larinx-ectomy and of an automatic system to use it. Design and production of bladder prostheses to implant and collaboration with Medical team ( San Gerardo hospital in Monza (MI)) to the implant protocol drawing up and to three successful prostheses clinical implantation

Dates: 1983- 1986

Company: Sorin, Vascular Prostheses department.

Occupation: R&D chief in materials and technologies Dep.

Dates: 1981-1983

Company: Sorin, Biomedica. Cardiac Stimulators Sector in Vascular Prostheses Department

Occupation: Responsible for developing of Industrial targets.

Dates: 1978- 1981

Company: Sorin Biomedica

Occupation: Central Mechanical Workshop Foreman

Dates: 1975-1978

Company: Sorin, Medical Division

Main activity: R&D in electrical cardiac stimulation

Dates: 1972-1975

Company: Sorin – Impianti Nucleari

Main activity: Collaboration to Thermal Conversion from Atomic to Electrical energy with experience of metallic evaporation in vacuum plants. Generation and measurement of high vacuum.

 Dates: 1967- 1972

Company: Sorin – Impianti Nucleari

Occupation: Nuclear Reactor Conductor


Date: 1967-1968

Qualification: Nuclear Reactor Conductor Certificate From “ENEA”, ….

Date: 1967

Technical High School Diploma From “Istituto Tecnico A. Avogadro”, Turin

Qualification: Industrial Nuclear Specialist non-graduate Engineer

 Personal Skills and Competences

 Information Technology Knowledges

Operative Systems: WS

Development Software: Autocad, ProEngineering,

 Foreign Languages

English : medium level oral and written knowledge.


 • F. Minoletti, S. Sodo- “Protesi fonatoria per laringectomizzati” (Italian patent-

IT 1186433)

• F. Minoletti, S. Sodo, L. Bortolus- “Protesi vocale composita perfezionata con unità di controllo automatico del flusso respiratorio per laringectomizzati” (Italian patent-IT1213425)

• F. Minoletti – “Superficie porosa” (Brevetto italiano IT 1263794)

• A.DiLelio, F. Minoletti, -“Valved bladder prostheses “ (Int. patent- US 5902337)

• Ercolani, Mauro, Minoletti, Francesco, Torriani, Flavio, Rinaldi, Stefano – “A duct for a ventricular assistance device” ( EP2000159 )

• S. Rinaldi, M. Zagara, M. Fierli, Pesce Delfino, Gloria, M.Ercolani, – “A ventricular assist device”.(EP1889634)



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